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04-Jun-2017 18:19

A considerable 32% of single females usually talk with their siblings about relationships, while 27% believe that their parents can be great dating advisers.Times have changed, and nowadays more people go online to search for love, but also to seek advice on how to take the most of their single status, and to find the secrets of a blossoming relationship.

Their female friends and co-workers seem to be great love counsellors as well because 34% and 20% of male participants confessed that they rely on them when they need help with their love life. Only a 19% and 13% of single men respectively ask them for romantic advice.From profile critiques to deciphering cryptic text messages, to the right way to flirt on Facebook, Cyber Dating expert covers all those confusing digital dating questions.Loves AGame: How To Get Over Your Last Break-Up Break-ups aren’t just hard, they’re traumatizing.I recently came across a couple of submissions on Reddit in which people are considering “testing” their partners.

One was from a woman, the other was from a man, so I figured it’s safe to discuss now as it shows that both genders can be equally stupid and insecure. The Feminine Woman: A Woman’s Guide To Love The Feminine Woman is dedicated to answering love’s toughest questions.

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